Thursday, March 24, 2011

Amity Blamity FANimated!

My good friend - and funniest person I know - Curtis made this the other day using the papercraft characters from the Free Downloads section.  It's my first piece of "fan art" and it made me so happy I just had to share!

Curtis is a fantastic animator and does a hilarious podcast called the Curtis and Tara Show.  He also does and animated web series called Milo's Video Blog bout his cat.  Check them both out - funny, funny stuff!

Monday, March 21, 2011

3 Cheers for Cal & Strange Adventures!!!

Big thanks to Callum at Strange Adventures over on the other side of the continent for ordering a whopping 100 copies of Amity Blamity Book One - with the spirit of "we're gonna sell them all!"
Cal has got to be one of the best Comic Store owners on the planet - with 3 locations and years of experience under his belt I wouldn't hesitate to vote him in as CEO of Comics - if the comics industry were a company to be run :)
It's folks like Cal that make books like mine possible.

You can check out their site here:
or join their facebook page here:

Below are 4x5 mini-prints I made up to give away with each purchase made at a Strange Adventures Comic Shop.   
I'm going to be signing 100 copies of each later today and hoping to make my way East sometime this Spring/Summer to visit and sketch for his customers :)
I'm not sure if these will be available if you order from their online store, but if you are interested I'm sure he can get one to you!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Panels for Primates

 Hey gang!
A while back I was asked to contribute to an anthology to raise money for called "Panels for Primates."
Click on the thumbnails below to check out their site.  There is a lot of great work going on over there by some really talented folks!  Big thanks to Troy Wilson for reaching out and getting me involved.  

(click here to donate to
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