Saturday, October 31, 2009

Page One Panel One

Here are the first 2 pages from the P&P graphic novel I'm working on. I did some experiments with grays and found a way of doing letra-tone and also decided to letter it on the computer. The computer lettering is easier to read and let's me tweak the dialogue up until the very end :)

I've toyed around with P&P as a graphic novel and I really like the format. Even the strip itself was a serial, and I tended to have narratives lasting over the course of many episodes, so this seems like the way to go.

I'm not finished writing the whole story (it's gonna be epic!), but I have the first chapter scripted (and outlines for the next 3) and wanted to sit down and flush out some scenes as I write. I'm excited about doing an actual story, and wanted to get some pages drawn to help motivate myself :)

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  1. Great stuff, Mike. Just a fantastic bit of drawing and funnery. Keep it up!


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