Friday, September 24, 2010

Photo of the Day: The New Studio

I recently just moved and have a new studio set up and the house.  I also just got that drawing table - prior to this month I was using a portable drawing table with the handle and ruler (you can see it there behind the chair).  Anyhoo, I'm always curious to see the workspace of other artists so I figured I would post this.
Also, for those interested in art materials, here's what I used for penciling. the 2ply Bristol paper is 9x12 but I use a letter sized drawing space because I have a small all-in-one type scanner.  The pencil is a drafting pencil with 4H leads which keep the pencils light so I can drop out the gray after it's inked.  On the far left there, I have my script and do the page layout/compositions in the margin.   
As fot the actual paper, I've used 3 different kinds making Book One.  I can't really tell the difference in quality, so I just go for the cheapest one.  The pad I'm currently using only cost $4.  In the words of an old detergent commercial from way back when : "I can't tell a difference, can you tell the difference?...PRICE is the difference!"
When I get to the inking I'll post more materials related stuff then :)


  1. I'd post my studio, but it has been over run by a metal band. Yours is so much neater. . . and quieter.

  2. Post it anyway! A MetalBand Comic studio/rehersal space would be far more interesting than mine! ...I'm picturing pyrotechnics and cartoonist trying to draw while on fire :D


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