Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Cover Mock Up

Here's yet another revised mock up for the Book One cover. 
 My good friend Lisa has been helping me out and we're still revising, but this version is closer.  The process got slowed down by some freelance work that came my way, but hopefully we'll have book one locked and loaded by the end of the week :)


  1. Hi Mike, I read the first chapter of Amity Blamity on iphone and just loved it! I'm eager to get my copy of the book, but if you allow me a sincere opinion, I didn't like this cover layout :\

    the composition is strange and unappealing. funny is that I though the same about the series title, so maybe that is intentional - do you want to make it a secret gem and keep people unaware of the awesome cartoon?

    anyway, congratulations and keep up the great work! I can just cover my copy with pink paper and draw a pig on it ^_^

  2. hey thanks for the compliments and honest feedback! my goal for the cover was something simple and not crowded. I really like the covers to Optic Nerve by drawn and Quarterly, but that guy's been at it for a while. Hopefully I'll get better with this stuff as I go.
    "Amity" means something like "neighborly friendship" which is kind of a theme in the story; blamity is just a nonsense word- which is kind of a theme too.
    Anyway, glad to hear you still dig the book - hit me up with a piece of paper at a convention or something and I'll be happy to make you a new custom cover :)


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