Monday, March 21, 2011

3 Cheers for Cal & Strange Adventures!!!

Big thanks to Callum at Strange Adventures over on the other side of the continent for ordering a whopping 100 copies of Amity Blamity Book One - with the spirit of "we're gonna sell them all!"
Cal has got to be one of the best Comic Store owners on the planet - with 3 locations and years of experience under his belt I wouldn't hesitate to vote him in as CEO of Comics - if the comics industry were a company to be run :)
It's folks like Cal that make books like mine possible.

You can check out their site here:
or join their facebook page here:

Below are 4x5 mini-prints I made up to give away with each purchase made at a Strange Adventures Comic Shop.   
I'm going to be signing 100 copies of each later today and hoping to make my way East sometime this Spring/Summer to visit and sketch for his customers :)
I'm not sure if these will be available if you order from their online store, but if you are interested I'm sure he can get one to you!


  1. ha! i love the fantasizing their heads are just kinda pokin' out from the bottom...great composition!

    and i definitely agree w/the 'drinking from the toilet' thing :P


  2. Chester Drinks from the toilet?

    And wow, great job on the sale. Cal is a the best comic book store guy ever.

  3. of course he drinks from the toilet - who doesn't?


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