Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Plush Pig Prototype!

Step One: Prototypes
Step Two: Mass Production!

At Wondercon, Chester proved himself worthy of his own stuffed doll.  In spite of all my efforts, this little piggy seemed to be the real bread winner of the weekend.  By 3pm on Saturday I was completely out of the papercraft Chesters and had lots of inquiries about making "actual toys" of the lovable little guy.

So here's our first step.  In lieu of a lucrative licensing deal, wifey and I handmade two plush dolls of Chester last night :)

Our mission is to have a bunch of these ready for Stumptown Comics fest up in Portland next weekend and see if anyone likes them.


  1. I think his ears could benefit from being part of the main piece and then being folded down (unstuffed) over the head. Otherwise he is adorable. My only problem is with his horns/mini sombreros.

  2. Great idea Margot! I'll have to do a Mark II prototype with folded ears. I'm not too sewing savvy, but will try to figure it out. As for his horns, that's his punctuation styled hair (? ! , ) perhaps they need some revising too :)

  3. Hey Mike! I've been on the road for a few weeks, followed by a week battling con-crud. I finally had a chance to sit down and read the Amity Blamity I picked up from you at Wizard (Toronto? Miami?) Con and I would like to be added to your list of fanboys! Fantastic work, love your style and characters.
    On the topic of merchandise have you considered making a 3D sculpt? I'd love a vinyl version of Chester on my art desk.

    Hope to see you at cons in the future! My next show is Anaheim Wizard.
    S. Corey Adams

  4. Hey Corey!
    Thanks for the kind words! I would love to make a Vinyl sculpt! I'll probably give that a show next :) I'll have to ask the internet first how to do it though - or try to find a cool toy company to license to ;)
    I'll be in PA during Wizard Anehiem then up to TCAF in Toronto the following weekend - hope we can catch up soon. The official Book ONE is due to ship in a few weeks - I'm super stoked to see it in actual stores!


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