Friday, June 3, 2011

Belated TCAF Round UP

Well it's been a month since visiting the motherland (Canada-eh?) so I figure I'll post a few pics from the trip.

This is a great show taken by Ofelia she posted on her Glass of Fashion blog of me and my table helper(and BFF).  Me - I'm sure you know- but you may recognize her from a little TV program called "the Late Show with David Letterman", singing with John Legend :) She should have been the one signing autographs!

The show was super packed and everyone I met was super awesome and seemed enthusiastic about Book One
Here's a shot of the table. While I was working on a cmmission of Gretchen & Chester as superheroes.

Looking forward to doing more shows if I can squeeze in the time while working on Book Two (on page 60 as of this post!) and if it fits the budget :)

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