Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hoo-RAY! Book One...Done.

Well...kinda.  I just finished the artwork.  It still has to be scanned, lettered and prepped for printing, so there's still quite a bit of work 'til the book is actually "done."  However, the drawing part is pretty much complete and I gotta say it feels pretty good -160 pages, scripted, penciled & inked in 18 weeks. I'm pretty proud to get to the end(kinda). I'm not sure if a lot of people get the opportunity to start a project and get to finish what they start without having to sacrifice it for something more practical so I'm pretty thankful and it's a really nice milestone to hit.  I imagine this is what it's like wrapping principal photography on a movie. 
Here's a shot of the pile of pages...now onward to post-production!


  1. Dibs on being first sale again! -Ray

  2. well done, inspiring to see your process

  3. Thanks Hayden! I'm a fan of seeing what goes into a project too - kinda like special features on DVD's :)


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