Thursday, February 17, 2011

Check It Out: Mike Vs Man Vs Art

Man Vs.Art Episode 43! Interview With 
Comic Creator Mike White
(click image to hear the interview)

Man Vs Art is a great podcast for aspiring creators and fans of animation, drawing, comics art and all 'round awesomeness!
Raul was gracious enough to have me on his show where we chatted about Amity Blamiy and a bit about animation and the creative process.  I was really happy to be on the show and couldn't have asked for a nicer, cooler host :)  He's a former Disney animator and super enthusiastic about the craft of art & animation - not to mention a fantastic artist himself.  His show is great to listen to while you work, and his passion, positivity is infectious, driving you to always want to better yourself and your work.

Check out his show and blog - not just cuz I'm on it, but because you'll definitely love it! 

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Mike! It was a pleasure having you on the show!


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