Monday, February 7, 2011

This Months Previews Pages 216 & 217

Check it out! In this months Previews (the comic book Diamond Distributors Catalog) Amity Blamity is solicited for sale!!! I was super excited to see this because I've never had anything distributed before - other than myself selling stuff to friends - so this was a first experience for me. 
My little blurb appears right next to Terry Moore's final issue of Echo - which I thought was pretty neat; to be placed right next to an Indy Comics Hero.  
Also it got picked for a "Spotlight" - apparently the Distro company picks these so it was encouraging that they felt the book was notable to mention to their customers :)
Big thanks to Leef from Mission Comics and Art who gave me this copy for FREE! 
Stay tuned for Book Release Party news - I'm in the process of co-ordinating one in the city at Leef's store and one at SLG Publishing HQ in San Jose the weekend of Wondercon!  


  1. Looking at your style and gags it is sort of like a male version of Rosanne. Great style you have and really really funny gags. Don't listen to all those evil people inside your head just keep doing what you are doing. Looking for ward to more from you.

  2. Thanks for the encouragements! Your blog looked pretty neat and insightful too. I'm gonna head over and read some more right after I post this :)
    Thanks again!

  3. WHHHAAAAATT!?!!?!? You're in Previews! That's amazing. I'm super impressed.
    Thanks makes me want to do some fan art.

    Because I am a fan... and you're too far away to bring you a cake.

  4. Thanks Curtis - Your art is already IN the book...which is IN Previews!
    That means you can autograph it for people - like all of your fans!
    ...That also means they should all buy a copy for you to sign ;)


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