Monday, February 28, 2011

Miami Update - Mike Sells Out!

Miami Comic Con was a grand old time! The hands-down winner of the show were the sketches below. Original pencil and watercolor sketches that I had in tiny frames.  I sold pretty much  all I had made the first day of the show, and did a bunch of on the spot commission of Gretchen & Chester dressed up as popular superheroes :)
General consensus..."Adorable!"
Big thanks - high fives and Hugs to everyone who came by my table and chatted with me this weekend. I had a great time and really appreciate the support, encouragements an interest in Amity Blamity's release!

I want to do these for Seattle too.  
Hopefully people will like them up there as way to find out I guess!


  1. Great meeting you. I am the PROUD owner of two of these water color sketches!!
    Cannot wait to read your entire novel. I'm hooked!

  2. Hi Rose & Suzanne!
    Thank you SO Much! I had a great time this weekend and really had fun drawing Gretchen and Chester as Superheroes - glad you liked them too they were the first I've ever done so they're kind of special :) Glad they found a good home with you guys!
    Florida was great - I'm hoping to maybe check out MegaCon next year after hearing so many good things.
    ttys, keep in touch!

  3. Hey, Mike. This is Corey, from the WonderCon (Friday). You did the Nightwing/Kitty Pryde watercolor painting for me, which I adore!

    I just wanted to say, meeting and talking to you was pretty much the highlight of the show for me. And it was a great show, so that's saying something! I can't wait to read my copy of the new book, and I look forward to following more of you here as well.

    I also emailed my retailer (Kathy, from the Comic Book Box) and told her to be sure to look for you on Sunday when she attends. Hopefully you get some orders out of it.

    Take care, and thanks again so much for your kindness!

  4. Hey Corey!
    It was great meeting you too!
    Thanks for the kind words and the encouragement. Sonoma's not too far away ;) I'll try to see if Kathy will let me hang out at the Comic Book Box and do more watercolor sketches for ya - and maybe some other folks if anyone wants one :P
    Stay in touch!

  5. I just got her weekly email (the "What's Coming This Week" letter she sends out), and she mentioned you and your book in it (based on me recommending you). She said she's gonna' look for you tomorrow.

    And we would LOVE to see you up this way! Kathy organizes signings every once in a while, and loves to have events. She's had Lex Fajardo (Kid Beowulf), Paige Braddock (Jane's World), Darrick Robertson (The Boys), Brent Anderson (Astro City) and more as semi-regulars, and you'd be a great addition!

    My fiance, Erin, really loved the look of your art too. She adores the pic you did of me in the book you signed. I had no idea you'd even done that until you showed me. That was incredible!

    Anyways, enjoy your last day at the Con. I hope you get to meet and make a ton more fans!

  6. Hey Corey!

    That's so awesome! Thanks for the recommendation - I'll have to get Kathy a copy of the book or a reading copy for her store. The main shipment of books are still en route from Canada but should be getting here soon.

    I'm glad you and Erin liked the sketch I did of you, I really like doing those when I have the time. It's fun for me to put real people interacting with my crazy little characters :)

    I had a great time at the show. I didn't really get to see much of it but had a blast meeting people and the interest in Amity Blamity was really positive and encouraging. I'm super motivated to get Book Two done!

    Hope you had a good time - it was great meeting you too. I can't wait to visit the Comic Book Box when the book get in!


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