Wednesday, February 2, 2011

POTD: New Beginnings

This weekend I had a bunch of firsts.  After 2 years of living in America, i got my first car wash & finally bought a TV with antenna.  I also rearranged the studio.  There's one of my cats on the bookshelf looking ever so reminiscent of Garfield circa 1978.
 Today a box of bristol paper arrived(below).  
With a little luck (and dedication), in a few months, this pile of paper will be Book Two.


  1. you do the pages this size? 9x12, that is? and what do u ink with? the art's beautiful

    i'm a brand new fan, btw ^_^

    working on a graphic novel to (hopefully) take the self-publishing route, myself...

    thanks for your time ^_^


  2. Hey Steve!

    Yeah, I only have a letter sized scanner so I chose to make my originals fit 8.5x11 so I wouldn't have to scan each page in pieces :)

    I use Windsor Newton black india ink and the cheapest #1 or #2 brush i can find for the characters and Micron pens for the backgrounds.

    I checked out dumbguysonline and your stuff looks great! Looking forward to more of your stuff and your GN :)

  3. thank u sir...i just got the new previews and i'm ordering book 2 ^_^

    oh, and the GN has nothing 2 do w/the webcomic...just an FYI...can't wait til book 2 gets here...

    now to find book 1 around here O_o

  4. Thanks for the support Steve!
    If you're in the neighborhood of any of the conventions I'm going to, stop by and I'll do you a sketch inside your book :)

  5. cool!

    oh,i have one more 'behind-the-scenes' your screentone digital?

    i'll have to start playin' w/my brushes again, too :P

  6. Yup, my screentone is done in photoshop, though for book two I'm going to try it in indesign. I made my own dot patterns, but I'm not sure how they will turn out when it's printed. We're still looking into if it will scale well. I've heard that manga studio is good, but I've never tried it.
    I would love to use actual letra tone but it's kind of expensive. Digital is cheaper and will hopefully be easier to fix down the road. Also if the opportunity comes along to do a color version like Bone, you can just get rid of the screen layers and color it :)

  7. yeah, no doubt....i bought a program called's fulla screentone patterns....kinda like MangaStudio


  8. Cool! I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the tip :)


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